Who is the Little Boy?

There was a local bakery in my small town growing up. I have a fond memory of walking past the familiar smell of freshly baked loaf of bread everyday to school. Every Wednesday, I would extract a few quarters from the piggy bank and treated my hungry self and my brother to a chocolate croissant. I still cannot forget that taste.

The "Little Boy" is me. And you, too.

My mission is to bring forth similar memories in each of us. The times you stayed up late on Christmas Eve baking cookies for Santa with your grandmother. The moment you took the first bite of wedding cake with your partner of 20 years. Or the fond memory of celebrating Thanksgiving with your family with a declious slice of apple pie.

Little Boy Bakery is happy to be a part of your life and your fondest memories with your loved ones.

Chef Bryan

Chef Bryan is a classically trained pastry chef with over 10 years of culinary experience. After graduating from culinary school, he worked under well-esteemed bakeries in New York and Virginia. He specializes in French-inspired pastries and wedding cakes.

Outside of the bakery, he enjoys cooking new recipes, traveling, and playing with his baby boy.


Alicia is the general manager of Little Boy Bakery (and Chef Bryan's wife). She is in charge of managing the business and fulfilling orders. She also has a knack for cake designs.

Outside of the bakery, she also works for her father's dental laboratory business. She also enjoys watching movies, trying new restaurants, and traveling.


When should I order my wedding cake?

As soon as possible! Generally, our schedule fills up within 3 months of the desired date. During the busy spring-fall seasons, we encourage you to give us a call 5 months in advance.

Do you bake fresh everyday?

Yes! We bake fresh pastries and cakes every day. However, some pastries taste better after few days in the refrigerator, so we account for this as we plan our weekly baking schedule.

Where can I pick up pastries and cake?

Generally, we invite you to pickup at our location in 7951 Blue Stream Dr. in Elkridge, MD. Coordinate with Alicia or Chef Bryan during the ordering process. We may also be able to accommodate pickups at the farmers markets we regularly attend.

Currently, deliveries are NOT offered, unless specifically agreed upon.

Do you cater for big events?

Yes! We have catered for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, holiday parties, and office parties. We offer various pastries and cake packages that are customized for your event size and taste preferences. Call us directly to order today.

Do you bake/package in a nut-free environment?

No, Little Boy Bakery is NOT a nut-free environment. Please exercise caution if you have allergic reactions to nuts or other common ingredients. We are happy to provide a list of ingredients upon request.